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Welcome to the Rowan Circle!

I’m so glad you’re here, I really hope you find information and advice here that helps you on your fibroid journey and out the other side! The Rowan Circle is designed so that you can use any resource at any time; there is no specific sequence you need to follow. That being said, if you’re new to all this I’d highly recommend working through the courses in order as they will give you lots of helpful information and things to think about. I’ve put together the video below to say hello and give you an overview of the various areas. In case you don’t like watching videos, there is also written summary under the video, and at the bottom of the page is a link to download a PDF guide.

As you might be able to tell, my main aim is to make all the information on this site as accessible as possible!



If you’re here, I hope you’ll take a look at all of the courses included in the Circle. I’ve created each one to address very relevant information that will help you decide which treatment is best for you and work out what you want to discuss with your doctor. I’ve made each of these courses to convey what you need to know in a friendly and accessible way :o)

Anatomy 101

No, this isn't about 'the birds and the bees'! It's purely about anatomy. What's your cervix? Where exactly is your uterus? How big is it? What is a fibroid? Before making any decisions start here.

Treatment options

Your doctor may have mentioned one option, or many options. You might have read about a treatment online. What do they actually do? An overview of all the options.


If you're not sure what to expect, or ask, when you see your doctor this one's for you. Also about what to expect during surgery, and recovery.

Weight Loss

I've found a lot of women think about weight loss either before or after treatment (or any time really!) but it can be a minefield of information. Here are some real facts about food and diets, and my favourite option...


Stress really doesn't help, but how can you deal with it? An intro to meditation (trust me) and lots of other ideas for ways to relax and why it's important.

Myths and Scams

One reason this membership exists; the internet - the world - is full of unhelpful myths and scams. Let me point out some of them for you, and show you how to work out whether to trust something you read online.


The Rowan Circle isn’t just about sitting by yourself in front on a computer watching courses (although you should do that!). It’s equally about connecting with other women who are going through the same thing. When you realise it’s not just you, you’re not alone, it just takes a big weight off. Unlike the big Facebook groups you can discuss off-topic subjects as well here; share your experiences and the things you love. 


Join the forums and meet other women struggling with fibroids. It's great being able to vent with people who understand!


Share your story and your own experiences. You never know who you might help by telling your story.

Ask Questions

Got a question that isn't answered in the course videos? Found something online that you're not sure of? I'm regularly in the forums and if I don't know the answer I'll research until I find it!


This is where you’ll find all the downloadable resources in the Circle, and also a useful page of links to other websites which have trustworthy information.


Most of the courses come with pdfs, worksheets or checklists. This area is where to go if you're looking for one and you can't remember where you saw it!


I'm an artist, and I love creating. Colouring is a great way to relax - you don't need to be artistic to do it! - so I've made some arty and fun fibroids-related colouring sheets!


There are some websites out there that are great for more information if there's something in particular you're looking for. Here you can find my curated list of quality information sources.

If you’d like all of this intro information in a handy pdf, click the link below to download one!

Why is it called the Rowan Circle?

The Rowan tree (known in North America as the Mountain Ash) has been a tree with special meaning since ancient times. In Celtic mythology it’s known as the Tree of Life and symbolises courage, wisdom and protection – three things that are important to me in creating this membership. 

Celtic myth says that the goddess Hebe lost her chalice of youth and an eagle fought to recover the cup and return it to her. Wherever the bird shed a drop of blood or feather, up sprang a Rowan tree. The tree’s bright berries were symbolically associated with these drops of blood. In Norse mythology, the first woman was made from a Rowan tree. In Scotland, where I’m from, people would grow a Rowan tree near their house for protection, and I remember one that grew at the front door of the house I grew up in.

So the Rowan tree is strongly connected with women, blood, protection and wisdom. I think that makes it a very appropriate name for the community, I hope you agree!


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